Self Wash - Bogart's Bone Appetit
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We Offer the Lowest Price for Self Dog Wash in the Valley!

$11.99 for small dogs (1-19Lbs)
$14.99 for medium dogs (20-49Lbs)
$19.99 for large dogs (50+Lbs)

Bathe your friend yourself at our top-of-the-line self-wash stations. Bathing your pet at home can be a chore – and almost always a mess! Trying to keep your furry friend in the tub isn’t always easy, and the mess it creates is something you might have to spend even more time cleaning up.


Bogart’s Self-Wash includes; Shampoo, Brushes, Towels, and Blow Drying Equipment


At Bogart’s Bone-Appetit we take the struggle and messiness out of the equation.
We supply you with large tubs and all the washing equipment you might need to make washing any size pet a breeze.

Bogart's Self-Wash