About - Bogart's Bone Appetit
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About Us

Bogart’s Bone-Appetit is a specialty pet store that has been a local’s favorite throughout the Las Vegas Valley for over ten years. We source the best products for your pets needs by carrying a wide variety of food, toys, apparel, and accessories. In addition we offer all natural treats from our signature bakery and pride ourselves in our professionally trained grooming services.


Founders, Rachel and Harold Vosko, were always inspired by Bogart, their first rescue dog. Bogart was a boxer with gigantic ears, a special spirit, and the ability to make those around him smile. In 2006, the dynamic couple were finalizing plans to open their first pet store. The day Rachel signed the papers to officially open the first location, Bogart sadly passed away. He not only left his name behind, but also a pet-legacy that is carried on in the homes of every cat and dog parent we serve.


Today, we are dedicated to offering the healthiest products at the best prices.

Bogart’s Core Values

We believe our core values will bring us one step closer to setting the standard for cat and dog care wellness across the pet industry.


We acknowledge the importance of spay and neuter, updated vaccinations and micro-chips for their cats and dogs.


Your best friend is our best friend.


Our team is loyal to all of our relationships, both two-legged and four-legged.