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At  Bogart’s Bone-Appetit, we strive to create a community
of healthy cats and dogs, along with happy,
knowledgeable pet parents.

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Bogart’s Best Bakery: Bone-Appetit

Our treats are baked in-house with all natural ingredients and a sprinkle of love.

“I love how Bogart’s has Frequent Buyer Programs for all of the brands that I buy! They always seem to have the best pricing and the staff is always so friendly – they even know my dogs by name!”
Kerriann, Bogart’s Inspired Pet-Parent Since 2014
“After each grooming for my pup the only thing fresher than him are the treats – he seriously can’t get enough!”
Lisa Marie, Bogart’s Inspired Pet-Parent Since 2016
“I love the self-wash for my bulldog, Bella. It’s hassle free and the tubs are so well maintained.”
Matt, Bogart’s Inspired Pet-Parent Since 2015

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Our professionally trained pet-stylists are guaranteed to keep your pet looking fresh from nose to tail.

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Our clean and easy-to-use tubs are designed to fit any size breed. All washing equipment included.


Dog Bakery


Our all-natural, homemade cakes are guaranteed to be a paw-licking good treat for any occasion.