Dog Bakery | Bogart's Bone Appetit
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Dog Bakery

At Bogart’s, we specialize in healthy dog treats that are baked in-house daily with all natural ingredients.
We have two industrial kitchens dedicated to baking at the Southwest and Southern Highlands locations.

Daily Dog Bakery

The fan favorite among our canine shoppers is our peanut butter bone, which contains only three ingredients: peanut butter, flour, and milk. Bones are baked in two different sizes: small and large. Also, check out our limited-time only seasonal specialties.

Bogart's Daily Dog Bakery 1
Bogart's Daily Dog Bakery 2
Bogart's Daily Dog Bakery 3

Speciality Dog Bakery

Make your best friend feel extra special by getting them a custom designed birthday bone or cake.

Bogart's Specialty Dog
Bogart's Specialty Cake 2
Bogart's Specialty Cake 3
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